Happy vacation couple in Budapest captured by Budapest photographer for tourists

So you are ready to travel, you got your flight tickets and you filled the luggage. But one thing is still missing..

“Wait a minute!! I forgot to book a photographer!”

That’s true!! You forgot it!!

Nowadays everybody has a phone, quite often equipped with a very good camera. And often people have even professional photocameras, they have Canon, Nikon, Sony and so on. The problem is not the camera itself, the problem is when you have to push the button to shoot.

So I’m going to explain why it’s worth to hire a professional photographer for a few hours, to give you the best chance to get special times and great memories:

1- Experience and quality

Being professional means a huge amount of time spent studying and practicing. So a professional photographer knows the right angles, exposures, he can suggest how to pose and how to match colors and backgrounds.

When I meet tourists, they are always very happy that I can help them to get the memories they would like, to have the things done in the way they want to remember. They may like to be funny or romantic for example, so I help them getting into the mood they prefer, I suggest the right locations, the right times to get the best lights. I suggest them how to pose and what to wear.

So if people want quality and great memories, hitting the screen of an Ipad or Samsung phone will never be enough. It may be good for Instagram, to show to other people that you have been somewhere in the world, but it will never be enough to fill your heart of emotions when you will look at the pictures after a while. With a professional photographer you will live
again and again the emotions you got even after dozens of years.

I show you an example about the same moment taken by phone and by me

On the left picture taken by Iphone – On the right same moment captured by me

2- Discovering the city

A local photographer knows the city better that anybody else. He can take you to the best famous places and also to hidden locations you could never discover yourself.

I shoot in Budapest where one of the most iconic location is the Chain Bridge. I love shooting there and I often meet tourists there. They love having the bridge, the Danube river and the city skyline in the background. But then I take them somewhere else and it makes me very happy when I hear: “Thank you very much for taking us to this place, we could never see this without you”.

Tourists in Budapest

3- Unique experience to remember

I love meeting people, I love talking with them, making them feel comfortable. I like listening to their stories and share mine, I love laughing together. I met tourists from all over the world and all of them had different and interesting stories.

Taking some time for some conversation is another way to collect memories and it’s something people will take back with them when going back home. Interactions make your holiday more interesting and unique, you can get more memories, more experience, more feelings, more friends. In this way people won’t have the feeling they have been just visitors. Interactions, talks, smiles make you feel alive.

Happy moments in Budapest

I got many good smiles from people I met and they made me so happy seeing they were so satisfied. Just mentioning one, once I met two cool American guys and I helped them getting memories of their engagement moment in Budapest. Some days later, they wrote a few lines about that time:

“My fiancé and I got engaged in Budapest. Our photographer, Attila, helped me choose the perfect location in the city for the proposal to happen. He was incredibly professional, capturing our moment beautifully while we hardly knew he was there. I’m so happy we chose this service and we highly recommend it!”

So if people thank me, I thank them back for the moments we shared together and that we will always remember for the many days to come.

Feel free to check my offers and book your photographer in Budapest sending me an email or visiting Getyourguide

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