All the photo and video sessions are experiences to keep with you for a lifetime.

A photo shoot is not only a way to get good photos, it’s also a joyful moment and time spent in a comfortable, easy-going and funny way. Because we can be professional even keeping the mood up.

  • PORTRAIT PHOTO SHOOT IN THE CITY – BUDAPEST – Hire a vacation photographer to capture your best moments and collect memories

– 1 hour – 150 euro (55.000 Ft) – You will receive at least 25 photos

– 2 hour – 230 euro (90.000 Ft) – You will receive at least 40 photos


– In front of a backdrop – 150 euro (55.000 Ft) – You will receive at least 15 photos

– In a studio environment (furnished rooms) – 250 euro (90.000 Ft) – You will receive at least 30 photos (make up and studio rental included in the price)


It’s aimed to make women feeling special and let them discover how beautiful and attractive they are.

In a studio environment (room with furnitures) – 250 euro (90.000 Ft) – You will receive at least 30 photos (make up and studio rental included in the price)


Price of videos depend on purposes and devices that will be necessary to shoot it (stabilization tools, lights, cameras, lenses, etc.). They may vary from 400 euros on. Contact me for an exact estimate.

  • NOTES:

Photos will be sent to you in high resolution in a few days

Prices include photo session and edit. They do not include printing on papers, canvas, albums.

They talk about me:

For Tourists

If you plan a family holiday, a romantic journey or you travel solo to Budapest, get a memory about it and share your experience with your friends and loved ones.

For Locals

For boudoir, portraits or family pictures. To increase your self-esteem, to build your Instagram, Facebook or Tinder page, to show everybody how cool you are.

For Models

If you want to become a model and you want to build up your portfolio. If you want to be an actor or actress in videos. If you have a project, let’s talk about it.

First of all, a great experience

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