“Ha boldogok vagytok, vegyétek észre”.

“When you are happy, notice it”. This is the meaning of the Hungarian quote you see in the picture.

Some time ago, I read this quote in my language “Quando siete felici, fateci caso”. This quote made me think a lot, it made me think that people usually notice when they are sad, disappointed, upset, mad, because they are strong and bad feelings that disturb our life. But people don’t really notice when they are happy.

And how all of this involves photography? Well.. No one ever takes a photograph of something they want to forget. Bad feelings are something you don’t want to remember. Positive feelings you do instead. That’s why we take photos.

Stop for a second and think about the moments people usually take photos.

People take pictures of the happy moments in their lives.

Parents take pictures about their newborn babies, about birthdays with cakes and candles. And when they grow up and find love, they like to take photos of their moments spent with their partners. They take photos over the pregnancy and take photos of what is usually considered the most beautiful day in the life, the wedding day.

People take photos on happy reunions, they take photos when they are on holidays, when they celebrate something, when they enjoy time with their friends.

Engagement moments I shot

So someone looking through our imaginary photo album of our life would conclude that we had a happy life, free of sadness and tragedy.

Have you ever seen people taking photos about themselves when they are angry or sad? That’s not happening.

But why we do that? Because we want to remember when we were happy, we want to remember the people that were with us in those special moments. We want to fix that instant forever and never let it go. We don’t want to remember negative things, brain tends to remove negative memories to make us feel better, to cure our wounds.

Photography is one of the most beautiful inventions that human beings could invent. It allows us to deceive the time. It allows us to catch a moment and fix it forever on a piece of paper. That moment won’t be gone and buried in the past, that moment will be with us forever. We will always remember our face, the people that were with us and how they looked, we will remember our hairstyle, our clothes, the place we were, the items around us, the colors around us. We will remember our life, how it was and what made it special. We will exactly know how we were and who we were.

We will watch our smiles and we will remember or happiness. We will remember our life, the best part of our life.

So photography is important, photographers are important. We could live a life without material things such as cars, computers, phones but could you ever imagine your life without memories? Could you imagine a life without the opportunity to watch any photo of your happy moments and remember what it was? Think about it sometimes, and think about how important photography is. So when you are happy, notice it. And go grab your camera and shoot your moment! Freeze it forever, don’t let it go! Call your mom, your dad, your children or your friends. Shoot and one day you will look at the photo album of your life, you will get back in time, you will remember, you will smile and you will be happy. Forever.

“Ha boldogok vagytok, vegyétek észre”.

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