Budapest Photography Course in English Portrait Boudoir Lessons Classes

6 Photography private classes in English including 3 workshops, to learn everything you need to become a great photographer fast.

You will learn photography from the basics (camera settings, lights, lenses) to the editing process (Photoshop, Lightroom).
We will have photo shoots as well, I will provide models, make up artists and all you need to take wonderful photos.

Day 1 – Introduction to kind of cameras, lenses, hoods, filters, lights, shadows. How to set the camera: Focal distance, aperture, ISO. Importance of white balance. Examples and tests.
Day 2 – Shooting outdoor to practice what we learnt on the first lesson. Practicing light on objects and on landscape / cityscape. Practicing framing, composition, perspectives, geometries.
Day 3 – Shooting outside with a model. How to direct a photo shoot: differences between working with a professional model and other people. Practicing sun light on people. Importance of model release and how to make one.
Day 4 – Shooting in studio with a model in front of a backdrop. Study flash lights and practice. Reflectors, flags and negative fills.
Day 5 – Shooting boudoir, glamour, lingerie style. In studio with a model.
Following the process from make up, style, posing and shooting. Practicing lights and poses.
Day 6 – Editing process: introduction to Lightroom and Photoshop. Differences in kinds of edits. Color correction. White balance correction. Shadows corrections. Basic effects. Basic skin correction. Objects removal. How to export the final photo (from RAW to edited JPG).

Each lesson is dedicated to one individual student. These one-on-one sessions provide focused attention and eliminate distractions, allowing for uninterrupted learning and a comfortable, tailored environment for skill development. With individualized instruction, your photography journey becomes a dedicated and singular focus, maximizing your learning potential and ensuring that every moment is dedicated to your growth as a photographer.

Every lesson will take 2 hours.

Price 390.000 Ft

Do you prefer bringing a friend along? You’re both welcome, and you will enjoy a discount of -120.000 Ft on your course fee.

For bookings or if you want more info just send me an email or a Facebook message, I usually answer in a few hours.

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